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Our Story


When talent and skills collide, that is when greatness emerges. By taking your skills and maximizing your potential, by cutting out the “can’ts” and eliminating the “won’ts”, that is how you prepare for elite performance. That is the foundation of STARS.

Founded by Jason David in 2010, STARS is centered on improving the way athletes – both amateur and professional – are developed to meet the demands of today’s competitive sports environment. By working with you, the STARS team discovers how you move, perform, and prepare mentally. Our staff looks at the complete athlete and person, understanding that mental strength is just as important as physical strength, and that nutrition and recovery are vital to success.

Based in Anaheim, California, our team of doctors and trainers utilize the latest in performance training, injury prevention/correction, and sports nutrition. Our approach is a unique blend of science and experience that identifies and eliminates barriers that limit athletic potential, thus ensuring maximum athletic capability is reached.

Our 10,000 square foot facility includes professional weight room and 60 yards of field turf, creating an ideal training environment. When you walk through the door, the only thing greater than your talent is your skill, drive, and determination.