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Pre-Draft Training


Pre-Draft Training

  • by STARS
  • February 26, 2015

This is your moment – time to give it your all. From the 40 to the vertical jumps to the drills, the STARS Pre-Draft Training program is designed to prepare you to perform at your best in front of NFL scouts and coaches. With our in-depth understanding of the testing requirements, we have created a training program to ensure our athletes excel during their combine and pro day.

The STARS Pre-Draft Training program is loaded with services and resources to prepare you for the draft.  The workouts or tailored to develop strength and explosiveness to help you test well on the bench and vert. Our speed coach Olympic sprinter Shawn Crawford will help you master techniques to run your fastest 40. We have a complete medical team with muscle therapist to provide pre and post treatment for each day of work.  In addition, we have a certified sports dietician that works with our gourmet chef to create a customized meal plan that perfect for your body and taste buds.

Understanding what’s on the line, STARS pre-draft programs spares no resource to make sure that you are physically and mentally prepared to perform your best on the most important day of your career.  For more information or to schedule a presentation, simply click the button below.