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STARS brings the Grind to Fitness


STARS brings the Grind to Fitness

  • by STARS
  • July 23, 2015

Hello everyone, my name is Joni David and I am more than excited to join one of the premier training facilities in Southern California.

STARS has already set the bar on sports performance and rehabilitation in the few years they’ve been open. I’m honored to be overseeing the fitness aspect and bringing a top notch, high powered, high energy athletic based Bootcamp to this amazing facility.

After running bootcamps, Zumbas and various other groups for yeares, I am excited to bring my knowledge, experience and passion for fitness. I believe all things are possible with commitment, consistency and motivation. Leave the motivation to me!!

As a former high schoool and collegiate track and feild stand out my love for health and wellness didn’t stop. After earning my bachelor degree in Kinesiology concentration Exercise Science, I knew my calling was fitness. My athletic background further allows me to appreciate hard work and obtaining goals. STARS has used the mantra TGIR (The Grind Is Real) with the athletes on all levels. Well the Grind just go real for everyone else. If you have a body you’re an athlete. Join me for Bootcamp and Challenge yourself to be a better you. Classes will have tons of variety, lots of challenge and most importantly fun. No matter what leve of fitness, there will be something for you. So get motivated and stop talking about it! I am looking forward to meeting everyone, hearing those goals and knocking them down one by one.

~Joni David

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