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STARS NFL Offseason Veteran program kicks off with High Energy


STARS NFL Offseason Veteran program kicks off with High Energy

  • by STARS
  • March 12, 2015

The energy at STARS couldn’t be any higher as our NFL veterans report to begin offseason training for 2015. With a mix of positions and experience, this year’s group is unlike any other group that we have seen at STARS. The Bears, Dolphins, Ravens, Chiefs and Cowboys are represented well at STARS.

STARS’ Director of Strength and conditioning has crafted an offseason program that focuses on explosiveness, power, and speed development. With expert understanding of strength and conditioning, Olympic lifting and results-based programming, Sean has leveraged all his resources to insure success for this offseason group. In addition, Dr. Rick Liebel has developed a daily treatment program to address injuries from the previous season as well as an exercise therapy plan to fortify the body against the risk of injury for the upcoming season. With guys like 7 year vet Turk Mcbride, 3 year vet Hebron (Loni) Fangupo and Asa Jackson, second year players Keith Smith, Peyton Thompson, Marquess Wilson, the training environment has become competitive, intense, and entertaining and it’s only March.

Our offseason program concludes in April and will kick up again in June when the push to earn a roster spot on the team or crack the lineup becomes the driving force as guys prepare for training camp. The heat will be sure to rise in Anaheim as STARS prepares it’s NFL athletes for competition. Stay Tuned, The Grind Is Real!



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