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STARS Programs

Developing elite competitors through passion, innovation, and the application of movement science.

STARS Performance Training Programs are designed to address the specific needs of today’s competitive athletes. Regardless of what sport you’re playing, getting better has to become more than a phrase. It has to be a Desire. Whether you’re an emerging young athlete or a professional, staying on top of your game requires a burning desire to get better every day.  At STARS we understand exactly what it takes.

Our sport-specific programs focus on developing the athletic ability required to play the game at an elite level. Our team of certified trainers and coaches have analyzed and defined athleticism so that we can be very specific in developing the right plan to get measurable results for athletes of all levels. Our passion and respect for the game drives us to apply best practices in the field of movement science to help our athletes achieve results that translates directly to their game.

The measure of a great athlete is not based on talent or ability; it’s based on an unrelenting desire to compete. The programs below have been designed to prepare athletes at various stages, for competition.

Professional Programs

College Programs

Adult Programs

Youth Programs