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Muscle Therapy


Muscle Therapy is the treatment of muscle and tendons to maintain proper range of motion to support sports activity with minimal risk of injury. STARS muscle therapy services is designed to help athletes be proactive in maintaining their bodies optimum performance level. Through the rigors of competitive sports, wear and tear on the body is as part of the game, as winning and losing. Each game, practice, and training session causes stressors on the body that result in micro tears that can create scar tissue, adhesions, and knots. Without regular muscle therapy, these micro tears can lead to restrictions of range of motion through muscles that can ultimately lead to more significant tears.

STARS muscle therapist are trained and certified in various modalities and techniques to address all myofascial dysfunctions. Whether it’s a past injury (strain or sprain), recent injury, or you want to maintain the way your body performs, STARS muscle therapy is right for athletes of all ages. To get more information or to schedule an appointment, simply click the button below.