Sports Medicine

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Our facility features state of the art equipment for training and recovery. We have a sports medicine practice & training room, 2 chiropractic tables, 4 massage and treatment tables, a taping table, and even an ice bath.

STARS Injury Rehabilitation offers comprehensive evaluation and treatment, focusing on returning injured athletes to their sport as quickly and safely as possible. Our team of doctors, trainers and therapists are equipped to offer the most advanced and effective treatments available. We understand the sense of urgency of today’s athlete. Whether you are a professional or an elite armature athlete, STARS is the place to help you return to play at the level you were prior to your injury.

Muscle Therapy is the treatment of muscle and tendons to maintain proper range of motion to support sports activity with minimal risk of injury. STARS muscle therapy services is designed to help athletes be proactive in maintaining their bodies optimum performance level. Through the rigors of competitive sports, wear and tear on the body is as part of the game, as winning and losing. Each game, practice, and training session causes stressors on the body that result in micro tears that can create scar tissue, adhesions, and knots. Without regular muscle therapy, these micro tears can lead to restrictions of range of motion through muscles that can ultimately lead to more significant tears.

Fueling the body is critical to an athlete’s development and ability to reach peak performance while maximizing recovery and minimizing injuries.  Each athlete, their goals, and their nutritional needs are different.  STARS Sports Nutrition is designed to provide a comprehensive approach to performance training, which includes optimizing current nutrition habits surrounding training to enhance training adaptations and performance goals.  In order to achieve these objectives, proper consumption of macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats), micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), and adequate hydration need to be met.

Proper game day nutrition shouldn’t feel like a chore. STARS is proud to partner with HAUTEFoodie | Lifestyle + Social Catering and certified sports dietitian Jacqueline Scaramella to create a Club Sports nutrition program for all club sports athletes. This meal delivery program provides a variety of clean food menu options, to support performance and recovery during the tournament weekend. All food is fresh cooked with no preservatives and nothing but the finest ingredients. STARS and HAUTEFoodie have gone out of their way to make sure that club athletes at all levels have delicious options to eat during tournament weekend at an affordable price.